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Upcoming Webinars:

Live Webinar on June 6: Beyond Rewards & Consequences: A Better Parenting Strategy for Teens with ADHD and ODD

Register below for this free expert webinar on using Dr. Greene’s Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model to parent teens with ODD and ADHD with Ross W. Greene, Ph.D., on Wednesday, June 6, at 1 pm ET.
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Search for parenting advice on, and you’ll see 70,000+ books filled with guidance — much of it contradictory, confusing, and/or ambiguous. These days, it’s tough to know what’s right or wrong, what to let slide, what to prioritize, and how best to respond when your child isn’t meeting expectations. If your teen is diagnosed with ADHD or ODD, the questions are more numerous and the challenges greater.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  1. Dr. Greene’s Collaborative & Proactive Solutions models
  2. How to influence, not control, your adolescent
  3. How to stop focusing on your teen’s behavior and start focusing on (and solving) the problems that are causing that behavior
  4. How to help your teen explore his or her own values and be aware of yours
  5. Why adult-imposed consequences may be counterproductive
  6. Why good parenting means “being responsive to the hand you’ve been dealt”
  7. The three steps that are involved in solving a problem collaboratively


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